Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud is a sustainable platform deployed over the internet through which you can access your applications anytime and anywhere via a web browser from any device. Cloud requires no upfront cost with a predictable monthly payment.

The fundamental difference between BackBone On-premise and Cloud software is where it resides. On-premise software is installed locally, on your business’ computers and servers, whereas cloud software is hosted on the vendor’s server and accessed via a web browser. Secondly, On-Prim allows to customize, manage and run the application for your own use as a Single-tenant application whereas the Cloud platform is hosted in a Cloud Server with Out of Box features ( without any customization ) and it serves many clients ( multi-tenant)

Talk to our Pre-Sales/Sales team to sign up.
Once the contract is signed, your instance of the application will be configured in Aosta’s private cloud server.
Once that instance is created, you have signed up as a client for BackBone Cloud!

No. We provide only the standalone “out of box” features of BackBone HIS for our cloud services. These features are based on Aosta’s best practices of deploying HIS in more than 150+ hospitals worldwide.

No, The Cloud platform is provided with Out of Box features without any customization and 3rd party integration.
If any 3rd party services to be integrated, we advise you to get in touch with our sales team –

Rs. 50,000+GST – One-time deployment fee
Rs. 7,500+GST – Monthly fee, payable before 5th of every month

Yes, if you wish you can. Send a written request to and your application will be ceased to operate by you.
Once you make the monthly fee payable in full, the clinical and transactional data will be backed-up and given to you

We strongly advise you to take a copy of all the reports and data in an excel sheet every day or at a particular time interval. The reports and data can be easily imported to Excel or PDF.

The performance of the Cloud system will be based on the speed of the Internet.

Every Clinic/Hospital Unit will be provided with a maximum of 5 users to access the system

If you plan for the second branch/unit it will be treated & charged as a separate license and you need to pay the one-time sign-up fee and the monthly recurring fee for that unit/branch

Aosta will provide adequate training as part of implementation as mentioned in the implementation approach